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Shanghai Pi Jiu Gong Fang


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21C Hongmei Pedestrian Street, 3338 Hong Mei Road (by Yan An Road), China, Shanghai
Hours : 10am - 2am Sun - Thurs and 10am - 3am Fri - Sat

About this place

When I saw Shanghai Brewery I immediately wanted to try their beer. So I went in with my girlfriend and was not disappointed. I went straight for the IPA (called North Star IPA). Nice and hoppy. Haven't had such good brew since the States. It reminded me of Sierra Nevada's IPA. Awesome! I told my my girlfriend, who does not like strong beer, to try the Pilsner. It was a lite Pils, easy on the throat. She liked it.

While we were there we ate a pizza, which was surprisingly tasy, especially with the brew. And our waitress recommended the sweet potato fries, which were actually quite good. It was a good recommendation.

Overall we liked the atmosphere. Music was good. And it's a pretty good sports bar with lots of TVs. So I give it 5-stars. Will definitely go back for their micro-brew.

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