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The Former French Concession


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Hengshan Lu, by Dongping Lu, China, Shanghai
Hours : 24hours

About this place

In 1849, much of Shanghai was carved up and shared among the key colonial powers of Europe. Much of what is known today as the Xuhui and Huangpu districts went to the French. And while the concession era is widely regarded as an unfortunate blight on the city’s history, there’s no denying that France’s colonial legacy has made this one of the more atmospheric areas in town. Narrow, tree-lined streets and modernist architecture make it great for a casual stroll. It is home to several consulates -- Poland, The U.S. and France, to name a few – as well as some of the city’s trendiest bars, cafes and restaurants, all of which make it a popular area among the city’s young professional population.

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