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By Samantha,

Nanjing native, let more and more people get to know and love Nanjing!

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Esplanade, Super Brand Mall, Fucheng Rd, No. 168 West Lujiazui Rd., Pudong, China, Shanghai
Hours : 11:00-24:00 Sun-Thu; 11:00-01:00 Fri-Sat

About this place

Hooters American Restaurant a famous brand at States, and many people know about this restaurant was because its sexy waitress, who are all wearing mini-shots and really tight T-shirts, even i am a girl i still wondering what it will be looked like.
So here i am at Hooters.  It`s a Sunday morning around 11 am, i am planning to have a brunch, i ordered  Cheese Sticks as appetizer, a Chicken salad and a sandwich,  a cocktail is always my favor.
When the food is ready it looks really nice, but the size is not what i expected, not match the price, well it`s just in my personal idea.  Suddenly the music up, all the waitresses start to dance, they are cute and dance good,  but you can tell from some girls they are not that happy with working here and dancing in front of customers, the girl dancing near us was good, like a cheer leader smiling all the time.  It`s really fun and i think it will be more fun at night and when i get drunk.  Just kidding.
The service is not to bad, 10% service fee is needed.  And this brunch cost me 270RMB (40bucks).



Another branch in Shanghai
Address: Unit B1, Shanghai City Center, 100 Zunyi Rd
Phone Number: +86 (0)21 6237 0080

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A fun and cool place to hang around in Shanghai !

By Mandy,

Welcome to Nantong!


Really impressed me, good environment and good service, and the food, the drinks are really nice, but i just think the price is a little high to me and the Sandwich is too small, i went to another American restaurant  before, everything are huge, and the price are worth of it.

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By Samantha,

Nanjing native, let more and more people get to know and love Nanjing!

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