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Zhujiajiao Acient Town


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Hours : 6:30am-19:00pm

About this place

     Zhujiajiao has long history,Zhujiajiao has formed village 1700 years ago,and has become town in Wali Period of Ming Dynasty. So far there are the ancients and tools people used 5000 years ago found Zhujiajiao

     Zhujiajiao is flourishing! It's famours withy rich market,so far there are lots of flourishing marks:Daqing post ofice,Rice and Oil shop, Bank, Electronics factory and Old real estate.

     It is a water town! There are several rivers across the river, nine long streets along the river,thousands of Architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty stand by th river,36 stone bridges still across the rivers.

     The tridational speical native produce are rose-flavored fermented bean curd, fried gluten,dark-rice zongzi dumpling, meat wrapped in leaves,roast soybeans,wood carving knit ware,stone carving,and pork meat zongzi. In autum,people can have taste of  the fresh water crabs from Dianshan Lake.





Shanghai Stadium subway line 4 direct. People's Square(Chengdu North Road,Dagu Road intersection) are green cars-Hu Zhu line(6:30-19:00) driact Zhujiajiao.


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