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shanghai luwan qu xintiandi 181 nong15, China, Shanghai
Hours : 17:00PM—6:00am

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Shanghai xintiandi is one who has a Shanghai historical cultural view, and combination of Chinese and western cultures of urban tourist attractions, it with the Shanghai modern architectural symbol attached building old area as the foundation, the first introduction to change the original living function, innovation to give its commercial operation function, this piece of reflects the history and culture of Shanghai old house transformed into integrated with the international level of catering, shopping, entertainment functions such as fashion, leisure culture entertainment center. Walk xintiandi, as if the time flow back, like place oneself in the twentieth century two, the 30's Shanghai, but step into each building interior, is very modern and fashion, experience the new world unique idea, the organic combination and strewn at random have send to clever arrangement formed a Shanghai yesterday, tomorrow, today's symphony, let tourists from home and abroad unique taste of Shanghai regional culture.


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