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Sinan Mansions


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Intersection of Middle Fuxing Road and South Chongqing Road, China, Shanghai

About this place

Sinan Mansions’ heritage dates back to 1920 when the first buildings south of French Garden (now Fuxing Park) on Rue Lafayette (now Fuxing Road) were built. In the ensuing decade, the plot had developed into a hub of high society where dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals and renowned artists frequented and lived.

Now It is an immense redevelopment of 49 colonial mansions from the '20s and '30s into four projects: the Hotel Massenet; a commercial stretch of F&B and retail; luxury condos; and corporate villas. It's been ten years in the making. It took a while to satisfy the gov't planners, the relocated residents, and the architects who lifted each building off the ground, tore out the old foundation, and replaced it with a new one. They even deconstructed a building and rebuilt it, brick by brick. The only mansions that weren't renovated are two rather sparse buildings once home to Zhou Enlai. They remain a museum.

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