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No.685, Dingxi Lu, near Yanan Xilu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : 7:30 PM - Late

About this place

C’s is an unashamedly dank and fairly dirty underground bar on the west side of Shanghai. It has achieved the seemingly impossible distinction of somehow managing to assert itself down-market of Windows. It basically follows the same formula: 10RMB drinks and R&B, but an even dingier setting.

By the small bar area there is an equally small dance floor, which only really sees any action at weekends. Past the dance floor are several other rooms. Negotiating your way back from the fairly unpleasant toilets can prove problematic.

The other main difference from Windows is the clientele. The sheer volume of sleazy Westerners desperately seeking Chinese girls can be off putting in Windows. Meanwhile at C’s you will find mostly locals. The private rooms invariably ring with the sound of a dice drinking game, which mostly involves slamming your dice cup down on the table.

C’s can be a good, fun night out especially if you’ve been away for a few weeks and you’re over budget. It’s a bit out of the way, but the price of the drinks more than compensates for the slightly more expensive taxi fare back home.

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