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Yu Garden (Yuyuan)


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No.218 Anren Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200010 China , China, Shanghai
Hours : Suggested Duration:2-3 hours

About this place

Yu Garden is located in central Shanghai’s Huangpu District, on a spot within the boundaries of former Old City. It is the only classic Chinese garden in the downtown area and was once a private garden for Ming Dynasty officials. The garden covers roughly two hectares and contains various rambling pathways, hidden pavilions, and classic flora. It is a good place to escape the bustling modern city outside. Take note of the hundreds of plaques and inscriptions written by well-known individuals, as well as the park’s collection of stone carvings. Yuyuan Bazaar, located nearby, is good to browse for antiques and souvenirs.


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Tours That Go to Yu Garden (Yuyuan)

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A quiet oasis amidst the city hussle, lovely trip with ET guide Julia

Yes, Yue gardens can also be very busy... but you will always find places inside where the masses of people just outside the door can be forgotten. Classical Chinese architecture meets beautiful garden design and although it is relatively small compared to its much bigger brothers in Suzhou, its easy accessibility in Shanghai downtown makes up for this. Good spot for a first contact with Chinese garden design.
Date of experience: November 2019

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Wonderful tour with Easy travel KIm

Gorgeous chinese garden! Felt like chinese alice in wonderland!

Tricky to find initially, had to ask around using my translator app. But once you find the garden hidden among the ancient Yuynan market ...its just wow! Gives you a great perspective on chinese garden style, unique jade stone caves and you feel like lost in a maze at times, which is fun when you let yourself flow in the garden, connecting with the vibe of the several water streams, lakes and ancient chinese huts! mus...read more
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Yu Yuan Garden Shopping, Commodities Markets and Cultural View

Thanks for Easy travel to provide me wonder trip of Yuyan Garden!!! Excellent experience and wonderful tour guide, Ada!!!

Yu Yuan Garden proper is a traditional old-style and large city garden (formally a private garden) in the heart of downtown Shanghai. If you have limited time and have never seen a Chinese garden then perhaps this may be of interest, but I would suggest you may spend your time better by exploring the other areas within this old part of town.
Must do: wa...read more

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