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No.1669, Nanjing Xilu, near Huashan Lu, Jingansi Plaza, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : Open Daily 6:30pm - 2am

About this place

Ahhh… the infamous Windows… Ask just about anyone who has lived in Shanghai for more than a month, and they will undoubtedly know something about Windows, even if they’ve never been there.  Windows is THAT bar in college that required a certain mood in order to go to, but when the mood struck, it always made for a a fantastic evening.  
The original Windows still stands on Mao Ming Road, the former heart of expat nightlife. When the government “shut down” the wild nights on Mao Ming Road most of the bars opened second locations on Tongren Road near the Ritz Carlton on Nanjing Road.  Windows Too opted for a new location, however, that gave them more a little more room to support the throngs of young people seeking CHEAP drinks and a raging party.  Despite the club’s spacious interior, there is rarely a night when there is room to breathe.  My best advice is to head for the bar and take advantage of the cheap drinks. It should make the atmosphere much less claustrophobic, and the crowd much more entertaining.
On weekends there is usually a 30 RMB cover charge, which includes a couple of free drink tickets. The tickets are worth 10 RMB, which is conveniently the price of just about every drink at the bar.  It would be difficult to find a better deal anywhere else in Shanghai.  The crowd is a mix of foreigners and locals. While most people aren’t here looking for the love of their life, there will certainly be plenty of choices of dance partners for the evening.  Wear whatever clothing you won’t mind having beer and liquor spilt all over. Have fun!
How to get there:  Take Metro Line 2 to Jingan Temple Station.  Windows is inside the plaza right at the station.

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Re: Windows Too

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


Thanks for sharing the information.I really appreciate it.
Re: Windows Too

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


It's very imformative,Thanks for what you have done ..
Re: Windows Too

By Qinqin,

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Windows Too is one of the cheapest bars in Shanghai. There is another bar called Windows also locates in Nanjing west road No 698,  very similar style. 
You should go to Windows too to have a try.

Windows too is one of the most successful bar in Shanghai, every one who stay in Shanghai about a month, and they will know this bar. As far as i know, it could be the cheapest bar in Shanghai too, so every single day, full of people, boys and girls like to go there a lot. And on the weekend i like to go there hanging out with my friends, get drunk is easy there because the drinks are cheap. If you are new to Shanghai, go to Windows too have a try.

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