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Tairyo Teppanyaki


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No.15, Dongping Lu (between Hengshan Lu and Wulumuqi Zhonglu), Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : Open Daily from 10:30am – 2pm, 5pm – 11pm

About this place

All you can eat Japanese restaurants have popped up throughout Shanghai in the past few years – some pretty good, some VERY bad.  I had been a little wary of trying out these locales since I moved here, but after Tairyo was recommended to me, I thought I would try it.  Several unsuccessful attempts at making a reservation only confirmed the initial recommendation, that this place was indeed popular and respected.  Finally, on a Friday night, a group of us went to try the RMB150 all you can eat and drink (including beer, wine, and watered down, albeit tasty sake).

We were seated in our own corner room. I would suggest trying to make reservations for 8 or more, then you’re more likely to receive your own table. We felt like we were having our own private party!  With the grill warming up and our glasses full of various types of alcohol, the stream of food began with a plate of salmon and tuna sashimi. The sashimi was very good, so good in fact, that later on that night we ordered another plate. The cook then arrived with a variety of meat, fish and veggies that he skillfully grilled up with butter and garlic.  Each time he was ready to cook another dish we would either stop him or tell him to go ahead. We only had to stop him once, as he got a little carried away with the mushrooms.  After a leisurely night, we were pleasantly full, feeling the alcohol, and ready to head out to the bars on nearby Hengshan Lu.
How to get there: Take Metro Line 1 to the Hengshan Road stop.  Exit on Hengshan Rd and head northeast for about 10 minutes.  Take a left on Dongping Lu.
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