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People 7


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No.805, Julu Lu, by Fumin Lu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : Open Daily 11:30am - 2:00pm, 6:00pm - 00:30am

About this place

People 7 is one of those bars that you walk into and you’re not really sure if you belong. Everything about the place is so cool… but don’t worry, everyone feels this way upon their first visit. 

The bar at People 7 is always pleasantly busy, but never over-the-top crazy.  The drinks are yummy and not too expensive at about 40 - 50RMB for cocktails. The bar boasts a variety of seating options from comfy couches to seats ’with a view’ at the bar. There are also a number of tables hidden away for couples or “living room” type seating for bigger groups.  People 7 is a pretty low key kind of place. Despite its snazzy appearance, the music is not too loud and there are no scantily clad girls dancing on platforms.  Try to go to the bathroom before you have had too much to drink, as there is a trick to the doors that will not make for a pleasant experience if you’re desperate.
I consistently hear that the Chinese fare served for lunch and dinner is excellent. Westernized Chinese food is also available in a non-Chinese ambiance. Definitely give it a try, but make a reservation!  People 7 is certainly an ideal place to entertain and impress visitors.
Hint: There is a “code” to get in to the restaurant/bar.  If you make reservations they will tell you the code.  Otherwise (and I know it sounds a little ridiculous) try putting your fist in the holes at the top of the stairs upon entering. If you can’t figure it out someone will come along that knows how to get in!
How to get there:  Take Metro Line 1 to Changshu Rd. Station. Exit onto Changshu Rd, and head north. Walk three blocks, and then turn right on Julu Lu about 15 minutes later. People 7 will be on the right side, almost  at the corner where Julu Lu intersects with Fumin Lu.

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