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No. 697 Yongjia Lu, by Hengshan Lu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : Open Daily 7pm - 2am

About this place

Mural is the place to be on a Friday night. Do not let the unassuming entrance on Yongjia Lu fool you. Simply head downstairs to find the fantastic Buddhist décor with a cavernous yet cozy ambiance that makes a perfect refuge on a cold or rainy night.  The 100RMB door charge includes all-you-can drink cocktails and beer all night long. The one time payment seems ideal for allowing guests to fully enjoy this high energy bar filled with 20-something expats ready for a night of drinking, dancing and socializing!
My favorite drinks at Mural include the dangerously easy to drink cosmos and vodka tonics, which are anything but watered down.  Bottled Carlsberg is a popular choice for those who like to know exactly what they’re drinking.  The main bar also supplies bottled water for the hydration-conscious drinkers among us.  Be sure to find the smaller bar tucked away under the entrance stairs. The bartenders here will pour shots to your heart’s desire.
On Friday nights Mural is crowded enough to make you feel comfortable dancing on the small stage in the back, but not so busy that you can’t move to the bar for a drink.  The crowd itself is mostly laid back and exudes the feeling of just wanting to have fun.  Fortunately, Mural attracts very little of the "meat-market" crowd. Wear your best or wear jeans and a sweatshirt; you will have fun either way.  Mural’s patrons are much less active most other nights, but it’s still worth checking out for its great atmosphere.
If headed to Mural for a special occasion or with a big group, call ahead for a reservation, which will get you a spot at a table or one of the mod and cozy couches near the bar.

How to get there: Take Metro Line 1 to Hengshan Rd station. Exit onto Yongjia Lu, and Mural will be just to the the left across the street from the exit.

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By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou


If you know a little bit about Fengshui, you will realize there are Fengshui sign everywhere in Mural bar. For example : the stairs's shape is shape of  "water “ in Oracle. The logo is on top of a Buddha. etc 

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