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Captain Hostel and Sunshine Bar


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No.37 Fuzhou Lu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : 24Hours

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The bars with views of the river and the Pudong skyline are generally a little too expensive and showy for my taste. These locales are great for a big night out once in a while, but never my first choice.  However, the Sunshine Bar, on top of the Captain Hostel, breaks all of the rules of Bund bars. The Sunshine Bar is laid back, cheap, and always comfortable. I’m always happy to head down to the Sunshine.

The Sunshine Bar is set back about one block from the Bund, but the bar’s porch allows for a perfect view of the water and Pudong. Set on top of an affordable and clean hostel, it caters to a crowd with a similar budget, not the rich western crowd that simply goes out to “be seen” (à la Bar Rouge).  The beers and mixed drinks are about 40RMB.  Sunshine’s food menu offers tasty, albeit slightly greasy pizzas among other standard fare.  Still, it is not the food, or even the cheap drinks, that keep people coming back. It’s the atmosphere.  In keeping with the ship theme of the Captain Hostel, the interior of the bar produces the cozy feeling of a ship’s cabin.  The porch is simple with wood picnic table seating and heaters for cool nights.  For a low key night or a beautiful Saturday afternoon Sunshine Bar should be your first choice.

Take Metro Line 2 to Central Henan Rd station. Follow Henan Rd south to Fuzhou Rd.  Take a left on Fuzhou Rd toward the Bund.  The Captain Hostel is on the left side of the street; just walk in and head to the top floor!


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