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7F, Bund 18, No.18 Zhongshan Dongyilu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : Sun - Thurs 6:30pm - 2am; Fri - Sat 6:30pm - 4am

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A wonderful aspect of Shanghai is that it enables visitors to enjoy it’s nightlife as if they are rock stars.  Here, bars such as Bar Rouge – that in New York City, Paris or Tokyo would cost a fortune to simply enter nevermind drink (and that’s all assuming you look good enough to be let in to begin with) – are actually accessible to regular people.  
Typical for this type of bar, there is a cover charge on the weekends of usually 50 RMB. If you just want to check Bar Rouge out, I recommend doing so during the week.  A weeknight visit will still allow you to get a good feel for the bar’s hip scene, as well as avoiding the “here to be seen” weekend crowds.  The most expensive drink on the menu (besides a bottle of Veuve Clicquot) is the house specialty, the Bar Rouge Martini, for a mere 100 RMB.  Buy this drink and the bartenders will put on a show by lighting the entire bar top on fire and tossing bottles around while mixing the drinks.  The ambiance is definitely French – ’Moulin Rouge-ish’, with great lighting and awesome seating sprawled around the bar, which is situated directly in the center of the action. The seating, however, is reserved for big spenders. Desirable seating requires a hefty minimum that  includes ordering a least several bottles of Champagne. However, even standing, patrons certainly enjoy the scene at Bar Rouge.
One of the main reasons Bar Rouge has reached its height of popularity is its fantastic location on the Bund.  The bar’s terrace is enormous and provides an incredible view of Pudong’s bright lights, making it a truly breathtaking spot come summertime.  Even in the winter patrons don their (fur) coats to enjoy the view. No matter what type of scene you enjoy, Bar Rouge is worth checking out once for this reason alone.
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How to get there:  Take Metro Line 2 to Henan Rd. Station.  Exit onto Nanjing Rd, and then walk east for about 10 minutes. Take a left on the Bund (Zhongshan Dong Yi Rd.), Bund 18 is on the corner.  

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A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


Interesting place have some beer and music
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So many foreigners here if you want to meet some new friends!
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