Autumn the perfect time to prepare your roof for winter

Winter tends to be the hardest time of the year for your roof. If your roof is going to fail and let water into your home, it’s most likely going to happen during the winter months. The other downside to the winter is that it’s the hardest time to get out and do roof repairs when it’s cold and wet. Roofing experts recommend that homeowners start now to get their roofs ready for winter so that they’re in top shape before the severe weather hits. Here are a few maintenance tasks you should complete before the weather turns cold.

Replace damaged shingles
Over the years, shingles will wear out and become brittle. Some of your shingles may crack, curl, or become warped. Some may even come loose and blow away with a strong wind. Wherever you have damaged or missing shingles, your roof is vulnerable and can let water in. Replace these shingles now rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Examine your roof’s flashing
At the most vulnerable areas of your roof, around the edge and around the chimney, vents, and skylights you’ll have a metal underlayer called flashing. If your flashings have rusted or cracked, water can get through those areas so it’s important to inspect your roof’s flashing before winter hits.

Check the varge and fascia boards
The trim boards at the end of the roof that run from the eaves to the peak are called varge boards. The trim boards behind the rain gutters are called fascia boards. These protect the roof’s edges and keep the roof’s frame protected from moisture. If these boards are pulling loose or rotting, your roof may be compromised.

Repair your rain gutter system
Your rain gutters allow water to get off of your roof after rain or snow. Keep them clear of debris and make sure they’re securely attached to your roof. Watch for any rust or cracks in your system.

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Source: thedailyworld.com/lifestyle/nailing-it-down-autumn-weather-inspires-household-winter-prep