Yalong Bay and Yalong Square Tours – Sanya, Hainan Province, China

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Yalong Bay and Yalong Square


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Sanya Yalong Bay National Resort, China, Hainan Province, Sanya

About this place

Yalong Bay is the World Number one Bay in China.  It have 4 main areas.  Butterfly Valley, Sea Shell Museum, Totem Culture Square and Yalong Beach.

With the reputation of "Eastern Hawaii", the beach is really nice and clean with soft sands and blue sea.  Here have many rides you can choose, jet, waterscooter, diving, but it`s quite expensive here, for example, the waterscooter it`s cost 150 Yuan/10minutes, and 380Yuan/person of diving.

But they have the free sea-bathing. You can also have a sun bath since the Sun here is quite strong, dont get sunburn though.



Another two Beaches in Sanya. Sanya Bay, Da Donghai.

There is a local tour bus Yalong Bay To Tianya Haijiao, it will bring you there. You can also take a taxi, but Yalong Bay is quite far from other bays, it usually cost 100Yuan to get there, unless your hotel is in Yalong Bay, then you just need to walk there.

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Tours That Go to Yalong Bay and Yalong Square

No tour packages, check out the Sanya Tour Guides that can take you here.


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Re: Yalong Bay and Yalong Square

Nice place to watch the sun set and compare with some place like Dadong hai, this place is less busy if you keep away from ocean center and go a bit further. there's lots of five star hotels with private beach which somehow you can still manage to get in. There's lots of bus stop over at yalong bay and most of them stop serving at 6pm. it takes about 60 - 80rmb from yalong bay to city center by...read more
i wanna be there



Look at the white and soft sands and the blue see, i hope i can be there right now, it`s so cold in Shijiazhuang now, the lake is frozen in the morning. I dont feel like to go out at all.
Time to go to Sanya

It`s getting so cold in Beijing, snowing a lot, i don't feel like this cold weather at all, and when i saw this photos with Sun and beach, i really thinking it will be a good time to go to the south now, i am almost frozen here.
Sanya is a beautiful land in China.

Looks great. I`ve heard of this place before, many people have a high recommendation of  Sanya, wish i could spend my vacation there soon.

But the ride fee are really expensive, you know, i went to Puji Island before, but the price are quite cheap, all the things you metioned in Sanya, will cost maybe 600Yuan in total and i am not kidding.

If you really like to take rids, go abroad and have fun.

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