Sea Shell Museum Tours – Sanya, Hainan Province, China

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Sea Shell Museum


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Sanya Yalong Bay National Resort, China, Hainan Province, Sanya

About this place

Sea Shell Museum is located in the basement of Totem Culture Square (within the Yalong Bay National Resort) with the unique design, elegant decoration, and a large collection of rare and multicolored shells, also here has corals from the four oceans of the world.

                                  Sea Urchin                                                                     Starfish

    Colgate used this shell as an advertisement                           Golden shell (very rare)

     Four treasures of the Museum                                                             wings of angel

Take tour bus  Sanya Tianya Haijiao to Yalong Bay.

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So lovely~~

By Kate,


I remember that Colgate toothpast Ad, they are use it as the example of tooth, it`s so interesting!

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