Sanya Bay - Coconut Dream promenade Tours – Sanya, Hainan Province, China

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Sanya Bay - Coconut Dream promenade


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Sanya Wan Road, China, Hainan Province, Sanya

About this place

Sanya Bay is one of the three famous bay in Sanya, another two are Yalong Bay(亚龙湾) and Da Donghai(大东海). It`s located at Sanya Bay, with a long distance coastline, the sea is beautiful, the sand is not too bad, but with some broken shells, it`s hurt sometimes when you walking on it.

Sanya Bay is near Phenix International Airport (凤凰国际机场), take a cab it will cost  around 15Yuan. You can also take the tour bus "West Satation(西站)---Airport(机场)", and get off at everywhere of coastline.

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User Reviews

Re: Sanya Bay - Coconut Dream promenade

Out of all the beach in Sanya, I think Yalong bay is still much better than this coconut dream promendade.  
Sanya is a heaven in my heart

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Sanya Bay is so beautiful, maybe because i never be to a sea before, i like it so much.

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