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Da Donghai


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Sanya Da Donghai Scenery Area, China, Hainan Province, Sanya

About this place

Da Donghai is the only scenery area which near Sanya City, the views there quite same as Sanya Bay, the beach is not that clean and the sands are not that soft.

But still many people go there because there is a famous seafod open market in the city names Number one Market, the seafood are quite cheap and fresh, you can buy many of them and go to any restaurants nearby, they can cook for you and only charges couple bucks for cooking for you, this attracts a lot of people. 

If you have the seafood at Yalong Bay or Sanya Bay you will be ripped off.

              sea urchin steaming eggs                                                        Ruby fish


All kinds of seafood

Seafood Barbeque

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User Reviews

Re: Da Donghai

da dong hai was amazing when i first visit 5 years ago. however, it was disappointing when i visit it again last summer. Lots of tour agencies bring their tourists there and it was fully packed with lots of shops making ridiculous lousy music. Lots of trash on the beach and the water is not as clean as my first visit. 
Man, i love this place.

By Chris,


I have to say i really have no irresistible to seafood, i love them so much, i will be so happy if i can eat them everyday. Really cool.

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