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Chengyang Bridge and Dong people in Sanjiang autonomous county

Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County has the total population of 340000.the Dong people accounts for 56.8% .You will enjoy the ethnic style and the unique architecture . Dong Boasting magnificent Drum Tower and the Rain& Wind Bridge.These unique buildings with the surrounding beautiful natural scenery form a beautiful picture.

Cheng Yang Bridge, built in 1916, the bridge is 76 meters long, 3.7 meters wide, wood and stone structure, with five stone piers capped with wood.  benches on both sides for a rest.


Cheng Yang Bridge not only shows national characteristics in shape, but also an original in structure. The whole bridge between tenon joints with wood chisel, cut through straight sets, criss-cross.

Dong people like playing a special kind of flute named Lushen, which made of bamboo,some of them  are very big, some of them are very small,they always play this flute and dance on the squre with Drum Tower.