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Vegetarian Food and Restaurants

In China, people becomes vegetarian due to their faith, few of them are smart enough to understand that vegetarian food is good for their health, actually almost all Chinese trust that vegetarian food can’t offer enough energy and power to our body, and the reason for monks, nuns and Taoists are vegetarian, beside their faith, also because long term plain simple vegetable food will strengthen their mind, purify their spirit, calm their hearts down and resist temptation from outside normal society.
For normal people, we think if someone is vegetarian means he is impossible to be strong and brave, that’s why when a Chinese shout out: “don’t consider I am a vegetarian”, which means please treat me as a strong opponent, or means if you act further invasion, I will strike back or revenge. Such deep-rooted idea has some connection that most of herbivorous animals are weak and reduce to predators’ food, so no one want to be tame sheep and prefer to be strong tiger or lion in today’s fierce competition world.
Another reason is because Chinese families consider how many meals with meat in a week is one of important standard of life level, especially during food shortage time 20 or 30 years ago, so no one want to be vegetarian as will be consider as poor people.
Now more and more people realize that the vegetarian food is good for health, hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia force people give up traditional food habit with too much meat and oil, and choose plain simply health food, which of course will try vegetarian food.
In the past, the vegetarian food from temples is plain and simple, just boil the vegetable with a little salt, that’s why only some Chinese old people who trust Buddhism or Daoism can accept and persevere. Young people can try occasionally for unique experience or when they need invisible help from Buddha, such as students hope to past important exam, new graduates hope to pass new company’s interview.
But now, some business people invest to open several good luxury vegetarian food restaurants here, they have downtown location, good decoration, nice surroundings, it seems more and more become a fashion to invite your business partners, sweet heart, and respectable olds go there to have a vegetarian banquet.

Upgrade vegetarian food is out of your imagination, far away from your old impression of plain simple vegetable food, although all ingredients are from vegetables, the well-done dishes can be looks like chicken, fish, pork, shrimps and crab, etc., even the taste can be close to meat. Without advance note, it’s not possible for you to tell from your tongue.

Recommended Chengdu vegetarian food restaurants:
Wenshu Monastery Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: No.66, Wushuyuan Jie
Daci Temple Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: No.23, Dacisi Road, 1st Section of Dongfenglu
Tel: 028-86658341
Qingyang Palace Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: No. 9, 2nd West Section of 1st Ring Road
Tel: 028-87766584
Zhaojue Monastery Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: inside Zhaojue Monastery, Qinglongchang Town, North Suburb
Tianyuan Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: 2nd Floor of Xiangbinwutong Building, No. 1 Chaoyang Road, Yiguanmiao Street.
Tel: 028-85186083
Caidie New Idea Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: 9th Floor of Qunguang Plaza, No. 8 South Section of Chunxi Road
Tel: 028-65970088
We Gain Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: No.33, Jialing Road,
Tel: 028-61813377
Sunflower Dad Western Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: 1-15 of No.5 Commercial Building of Gonghecun, Hongwasi Jie.