Tiger Hill (Hu Qiu), Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Tiger Hill (Hu Qiu)


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Hours : 7:30am-5:30pm
Phone : +86 (0)512 6532 7850, 6532 3488
Price : 40-60 Yuan/ticket

About this place

Sights inside:

1. The Entrance Temple (头山门)

2. The Broken Beam Temple (断梁殿)

3. The Han Han Spring (憨憨泉)

4. The Sword-Testing Stone (试剑石)

5. The Tomb of Zhenniang (真娘墓)

6. The 1000 Men`s Rock (千人石)

7. The Sword Pool (剑池)

8. The Twin Bridge Wells (双吊桶)

9. The Pagoda Yard (塔院)

10. The 1000 ha. of Clouds (千顷云)

11. The Mahavira Temple (大雄宝殿)

12. The 53 Steps of Stone (五十三参)

13. The Mountain Villa With 10000 Scenes (万景山庄)

How to Get There:

Local bus routes: 1, 2, 8, 49, 949.

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Tiger Hill (Hu Qiu) Address

No. 8 Huqiu Shanmennei, China, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou

User Reviews

Must go place in Suzhou

It's a pity if you dont visit Tiger Hill when you r in Suzhou, said Su Shi (very famous poet of the Song dynasty), so we can see how important Tiger Hill to Suzhou. No.1 attraction in Suzhou, my opinion.
I took the sedan chair at Tiger Hill

We went to Tiger hill on Saturday, many people a bit crowed. When we get into the front gate, we saw many sedan chairs, and we never take that one before, so we decided to take that to give a shot. It cost 60 CNY for each person, and from the front gate to the half way of Tiger hill. My friend are really enjoy it, he said he feels like he is Chinese emperor, but i was a shied because every one looked at us made me really embarrassed.  
You should not miss this one!
By Guest (not verified)

When people mentioned Suzhou, and i will directly think about Tiger Hill, it`s just like a landmark of Suzhou, besides the wonderful gardens, maybe you like something more interesting or have more histories, Tiger Hill will be the one you shouln`t miss, and people will always say if you can to Suzhou but didn`t go to Tiger Hill, it is the same as you never come to Suzhou, so seriously, if you come to Suzhou, you have to go Tiger Hill.
Tiger Hill Scenic Area
By Guest (not verified)

Tiger Hill is the number one scenic area in Suzhou. The Yunyan pagoda has the history over 1,000 years. It is seven stories tall and leans at an angle of 3.5 degrees which is also amazing, The hill has many of other attractions such as the The Sword Pool, The Sword-Testing Stone, The Mahavira Temple etc.
Chinese Piazza del Duomo !

Tiger Hill is not only famous of it legend views here, but also known as it`s also leaning for years like The Tower of Pisa, but today it still stands up like before, the angle of the leaning is 3.59 which is still growing now. Tiger Hill features a number of ancient tombs and historic sites. Its top is crowned by the ancient Yunyan Pagoda which happens to be slightly off centered.

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