Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Suzhou Museum


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Hours : 9am–5pm (no admission after 4 pm)
Phone : +86 (0)512 6757 5666, 6757 5111
Price : 20 Yuan/ticket

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Local bus routes: 1, 2, 5, 40, 55, 202, 313, 301, 309, 923, 529.

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Suzhou Museum Address

No. 204 Dongbei Jie, China, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou

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Re: Suzhou Museum

Always need to visit the museum of the city if you want to really understand it!
Suzhou Museum
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Suzhou Museum originally opened in year 1960, it`s about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. In October 2006, it was re-designed and opeened as a new place to public. The museum itself is like a garden or a park. It`s not a place only give the idea of the history but also a quiet place for you to explore.  

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