Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant


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Hours : 10:30am-10pm
Phone : +86 (0)25 8666 1828

About this place

Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant is one of my favorite Indian restaurant in Nanjing, it`s at the left corner of area, a little bit hard to find but it`s get so crowed every night.

When you entered the restaurants, you feel like at Indian, they have 2 floors, all the tables, foo-tangs, lights all the decoration are look like Indian style. On the wall they have many pictures token from Nepal when the boss traveled there years ago.

The have 2 Nepal local chief cooking there, so the food at the restaurant is so traditional that`s the reason why many people likes there.

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Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant Address

No.193 Shi Gu Road, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing

User Reviews

How come?
By Ivy

I went there often last year, they were all good, how come they become like this now, i dont know what happened there, hmmmm.......
By Guest (not verified)

Today is my LAST visit to this ridiculous restaurant! 2 foreign friends and I went to this restaurant for dinner because of its unique taste of Asia and decorations. The services crew was short-handed. The prices are reasonable but the bill is RIDICULOUS! The restaurant make it compulsory for all patrons to feel obligated to make donation to some charitable organisation without a word to inform. I was only aware of that when I checked the bill. But when I enquired about the organisation, the service crew gave me a very sickening impatient look. Willing, I could have donated 300RMB, BUT, unwilling and feeling obligated, I wouldn't even donate a cent!!! There are so many genuine and of course on the other hand, many illegal sydicates out there to swindle your money in the name of charity. By making me feel so obligated, its no different from those swindlers.
Love there!
By Guest (not verified)

I love the food and decorations there! Chesse Bolls are my favorite!

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