The Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue Tours – Safed, Israel

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The Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue
בית כנסת הארי אשכנזי


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Ha' Ari Safed, Israel, Safed
Hours : 0800 - 2000

About this place

This plot of land on which the Ari Synagogue was built is the birthplace of Lurianic Kabbalah on which most modern forms of Kabbalah (Jewish Mystical thought) is based.

It was at the courtyard of the synagogue here in the first few years of the 1570s that Rabbi Isaac Luria came to teach Kabbalah to his students. At that point in time this was an orchard known as the Orchard of Golden Apples, many deep mysteries of the universe were discussed here.

In the later part of the century Jews from Greece built the synagogue here along Kabbalistic principles. Inside one can see artwork with deep mystical significance.

This synagogue is still in operation and hosts services three times a day and on the Sabbath.

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