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Koh Samui - Thailand


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About this place

If there is anything ever touched my soul, I would say, that's the ocean.

It's the creature given by the nature, which is so acceptable to everything and so powerful to destroy anything hiding underneath the unbelievable clear blue, which can always touch the sky and inspire your endless imagination.

Yes, my destination is the sea, unpolluted clear water from the further south - Koh Samui.

After the long trip from air plane and boat, we arrived there, somewhere I've ever loved so much. Shining sunshine walks on the surface of the ocean, reflects all the beautiful dreams in front of my eyes, it catches everything I've been thinking. Hey, who can see the paradise would be better than now.

Imagine that, rent a motor drive around the small island, breath the fresh air in the summer time, make every cell to welcome this natural wild and bright , that's our plan after we settle down in a quite guest house which was built by wood.

I was like a thief try to crab everything I can get here, colorful sexy clothes, lazy dogs, wild cats, fresh flowers, loud cars broadcasting advertisement, small shining accessories, beggars, alcohol, dances, music, moon, sunrises and sunsets, coconut tress, everything my eyes can see. They were planting in my heart, growing, getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.

It was a greedy trip very close to nature, like I can talk to the relax dogs, careless drunk people on the beach, even the plants and air. The tide was  washing the sand,  slipping away from my feet every second and keep coming back, like all the material things in my life, keeps going and coming back, when you care too much, it disappear faster.

Sometimes, you need to learn to be forgiven and more acceptable to repair your soul; sometimes, you need to be appreciated more to what you have already, life gives everybody a different lifestyle to complete your mission to be a human as yourself: sometimes, you need to be more open to let it be.

Now I said too far, it's a place if you want to just clam down and organize your life again even just have a quite or wild different experience,  to get to know that the universe is bigger than you even know, to be more open to yourself and this world or love.


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Re: Koh Samui - Thailand ( To get to know your mind and soul)

By Cindy Li,

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Nice.Thanks for sharing.
Re: Koh Samui - Thailand ( To get to know your mind and soul)

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


What a nice holiday... nice pictures

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