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Tours and Safaris to Burundi,Rwanda and Uganda

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How to plan a safari to East Africa

An east African safari is a true and always memorable travel adventure full of experiences unique or common in some points from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

This article will provide some key elements any traveler should   take into consideration for a smooth travel to this region.

  1. What are you most interested in?

Many travelers travel to Africa in search of a wildlife experience, in search of the “Big five”: buffalo, lions, leopards, elephants and rhinoceroses.

Others will want to see the giant gorillas –gorilla trekking safari .And this can be done in DR Congo, Rwanda or Uganda while the above is absolutely to be in Kenya and Tanzania.

An east African safari can be long or wide of ideas due to its high diversities including a tour in cities, villages, mountain climbing, encountering people, learning their cultures and history etc…

To be able to decide what to include, somebody needs ideas from a travel consultant.

This can be one of the requests a client may send:

I am looking to book a budget trip to Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and Zanzibar, Bwindi National Park, Volcanoes national park,

No interest in birds. And Have been on quite a few safaris, so mostly interested in gorillas and chimps) arriving December 16 and leaving Zanzibar January 1st.

From above request, the safari organizer will get a clear picture of what the client needs, an idea of the budget she/he intends to spend on this trip, and the duration.

Her/his job will be then to draw a tour in accordance with above criteria.

  1. Tell your travel/tour consultant your budget.

Telling the budget you are willing to use for your trip will make the job easy for the tour consultant to find the perfect hotels, activities and number of days   to make sure the whole tour matches your desires and budget. Nothing can make a client happier than having a perfect tour package at a good price with great service. Nobody needs to pay a high price by the way.

In some cases, safaris can be a costly kind of vacation. But as with any other type of travel, you can tailor make your safari to suit your personal budget. The length of your safari will affect its cost. You may get a suggestion of cutting your trip and focus mostly on your prime travel needs to make your safari short and save cash.

Always keep in mind, the travel consultant knows best what best the region can offer-and their main focus is to make your safari the most enjoyable. One happy customer may bring ten more the next morning.

Budget-minded travelers should not   also hesitate to request self-drive safaris as opposed to all-inclusive package tours; they may be a good way to explore east Africa independently while minding their budget.

Enjoy east African tour holidays.