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National Museum of Iran
موزه ملی ایران


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Hours : 9 AM - 7PM

About this place

The National Museum of Iran (Persian: Muze ye Melli ye Irān – موزهٔ ملی ایران‎‎) is located in Tehran, Iran.

It is an institution formed of two complexes, including the Museum of Ancient Iran (Muze ye Irān e Bāstān) which was inaugurated in 1937, and the Museum of the (post-) Islamic Era (Muze ye Dowrān e (pasā) Eslāmi) which was inaugurated in 1972.

It hosts historical monuments dating back through preserved ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities, including pottery vessels, metal objects, textile remains, and some rare books and coins.

There are a number of research departments in the museum, including Paleolithic and Osteological departments, and a center for Pottery Studies.

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