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Botanical Garden
Jardim Botânico


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Rua Pacheco Leão, 915, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
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About this place

Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro South Zone (Zona Sul) was opened in 1822. Original plans for the garden was to cultivate only species found in the West Indies, but later on many other plants found home in this beautiful and spacious garden. It lies at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain

Today, the garden spreads over 54 hectares and about 6,500 species, of which some are endangered, are grown here. There is also the Orchid Conservatory. Besides the plants, the garden is also home to many monuments.

This park was home to the first Royal Palm, called that way because the King Dom Joao planted it himself. This palm spread outside of the garden in the following years. The fist or the Royal Palm grew here for 140 years until it was struck by lightning in 1972.

Nowadays, visitors can walk through the Avenue of Royal Palms that leads from the entrance to the interior of the garden.
60% of the park is covered by the Atlantic Forest that rises up the Corcovado Mountian. Since 1992 this Garden is protected as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is also protected by the Patrimonio Historico e Artistico Nacional.

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