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About Qujing

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About this place

Qujing City, which is geographically the second largest city in Yunnan Province, is known for its location as a entrance of Yunnan Province.

It is the second largest economy entity in Yunnan as well. It is on the center of Yungui Plateau.

Moreover, Qujing is the origin of the third longest river of China which is called the Pearl River.

Therefore, It is also called the first City of the Origin of the Pearl River.

Qujing is the capital of Yunnan Province in history, and it was the center of politics, economy and culture of Yunnan Province.

The first town of Qujing was built in B.C. 109. The "Five Feet Road"of Qin dynasty is the first road which connects Yunnan Province and other Provinces of China.

Qujing was called Wei county in West Han dynasty.

In A.D. 225, Zhu geliang defeated Menghuo who is the cacique of Yunnan in Qujing, and Qujing became the capital of Jianning Province which covers Yunnan province and some parts of Guizhou province.

In West Jin dynasty, Qujing changed name and become the capital of Nin Province which is one of 19 provinces in then.

From then on, Qujing was the capital of Yunnan for more than 500 years.


There are many places of historic interests and beautiful landscapes in Qujing.

There are three protected monuments which are very rare and have important archeology worth in China.

The landscape of Qujing is also wonderful.

It has Nine Dragon waterfall, Duoyi river, Lu buge ravine, sand forest and so forth.

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