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Hui'an, Quanzhou,Fujian Province --Strong Huian Women


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Hui'an,Quanzhou,Fujian, China, Fujian Province, Quanzhou
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Huian Women

There is a special group of people in Fujian province, unlike the majority of Chinese women.

Check out their form-fitting outfits, colorful head scarves with lots of dots or flowers on them, and short top under which you can see their strong and flat bellies. Their pants are long and loose, with a wide silver belt above them, this is absolutely a quite attractive outfit for ladies, which shows their nice figure naturally in the best way.

But their character is probably quite different than you think. They are independent, strong, and diligent, they are the most important part of their local culture and their family, they are HUIAN WOMEN.

Actually this kind of outfit was from the Qing Dynasty, which is more than 100 years ago, and they have changed the style a little bit for the convenience of working.

There was a story of how strong Huian women are.

In 1958, people needed to keep water urgently to maintain their regular lives and avoid the big floods, but there weren’t enough people to do the work, so all the younger women  in Huian county united together to participate in this huge project, It’s a 105.8 square meters area, and 126,000,000 cubic meters reservoir, named by Huian Women” Huian Women Reservoir”.

They keep the typical Quanzhou sprit – Keep fighting, never say die. That’s the reason why there are so many enterprises in Quanzhou, they are producing many important products all over the world.

Huian women are good at working, and taking care of their family, it’s a great balance. Huian women do stone caving, fishing, carrying heavy items, and all the other daily work, which is always considered too much for women in the long history of China.

Come here to take a look at these amazing women, they are worth knowing about.

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Female Huian County, Quanzhou, Fujian Province Huian Huidong Peninsula coast of a special group, they in bizarre costumes, strange customs of the famous at home and abroad.
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