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Furtune beads workshop "Khar-mohre workshop"
کارگاه خرمهره سازی

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Kuh-sefid road, Saadatmand workshop, Iran, Qom
Hours : 8am - 4pm

About this place

Khar-Mohre is a blue piece of silica which is considered as furtne beads among some nations and now is used as a decorative object.

The history of production of these beads dates back to 6000 years ago and some pieces were found in archeological excavations in Iran and Egypt.
It can be regarded as one of ancient jewellery arts in human history.

Now You can find Khar-mohre workshops just in Qom so it is called Qom-techinque.
The materials for producing Kahar-mohre are silica, cupper oxide, sodium carbonate, lime, and ash.
This Shiny blue color is generated from these dark materials.
Making beautiful blue pieces without any color or glaze in this deep kiln is amazing.

In this workshop tourists can purchase from the shop, observe the process of production، and do it by their hands and take their work to home.

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