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Qingdao Introduction

"Red-tiled roofs amongst greenery, the azure sky above the blue sea" used to be the highlights of Qingdao (青岛), appealing to both Chinese and foreign tourists in the last century. Today Qingdao has been put in the spotlight as the host city of the 29th Sailing Regatta in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. "Qingdao, The Sailing City" symbolizes the new horizon of Qingdao which aims at attracting more visitors from around the world.

To visitors from both China and around the world, Qingdao is known as China’s "Little Switzerland," because the city boasts unique characteristics not found in other Chinese cities. These envied traits include amazing fine-sand beaches, European style architecture, and most significantly, clean air. Qingdao is far and away one of the cleanest cities in China.

Qingdao lies between mountains and the sea, maintains a well-placed coastal port with clear deep waters, and enjoys a very comfortable climate. The mountains provide a collection of interesting sights centered around the mystical Mt. Laoshan(崂山), an important Taoist historical location featuring the highest peak along the Chinese coast. Meanwhile the sea provides relaxation, gentle waves, bared rocks, and some golden beaches forming arguably China’s best northern beach resort. All of these unique physical features produce a fabulous landscape surrounding the city. The historical culture, variety of religion, civil traditions, village customs, and holiday celebrations all add to Qingdao’s rich culture.

Qingdao Tourist Attractions

First imagine a harmonious picture of mountains, sea, architecture, and humans coexisting. Then imagine the same painting filled with a winding coastline, lazy islands, and timeless structures set against verdant trees. Finally, add an azure sky dotted with clouds above the tranquil, blue sea… and that’s Qingdao. The city has been a popular tourist destination and summer resort since the 1920s. The beautiful scenery and pleasant climate has always attracted plenty of Chinese celebrities, and still does.

The western part of Qingdao is the old city proper, where traditional red-tile-roofed buildings, green trees, blue sea and clear skies can still be seen. The eastern part of Qingdao is the newly developed area of the city with many modern buildings. The contrast between the old and the new city gives Qingdao its cosmopolitan Euro-Asian characteristics. Moving along Qingdao’s coastline from east to west, visitors will find 4 unique tourist areas amidst the picturesque coastal scenery: "Historical and Euro-Asian Area", "The Flourishing Eastern Downtown", "The Stone Old Man Tourist Resort" and "The Mount Lao Scenic Area".