Laoshan Taiqing Palace (Laoshan Taiqing Gong) Tours – Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

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Laoshan Taiqing Palace (Laoshan Taiqing Gong)


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Southeast of Laoshan Mountain, No. 29 Meiling Lu, Laoshan Dist., China, Shandong Province, Qingdao
Hours : 7am–6:30pm

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Tours That Go to Laoshan Taiqing Palace (Laoshan Taiqing Gong)

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Worth to go!

Laoshan is such a wonderful place that really worth you to visit,especially in summer,the spring is soooo cool& clean,the air is soooo fresh& clear.Once you go there you wont forget it.
Palace and Pavilion in Qingdao

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Taiqing Palace also called Palace of Great Purity which is made of three Pavilions.
The main one is Sanqing Pavilion (三清殿) where have a statue of Lao Zi (老子). On the right side is the Pavilion of the Three Officials (三管殿), on the left side is the Three Emperors (三皇殿).
It`s a place about Taosim since Lao Zi is the founder ofit, so if you like the culture of Taoism here might be one of good place to go.

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