Mount Lao North Nine Waterfall Scenic Spot Tours – Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

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Mount Lao North Nine Waterfall Scenic Spot


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bei jiu shui you lan qu shou piao chu, China, Shandong Province, Qingdao
Hours : 7:30-17:00

About this place

The North Nine Waterfalls scenic area is a five star national scenic spot in China. It is famous for its clear water, exotic stones and greenery natural oxygen bar. 

Here you can enjoy a pleasant 2 hours walking(round trip), mainly on flat paths. In the summer when it is the rainy season, you will see a beautiful waterfall in the end. Make a wish there and scoop a bottle of the natural mineral water. it is the water used to make the Qingdao beer, so definitely very tasty. 

When it is in the winter times, all the waterfalls and lakes frozen to icebergs. It is another feeling of the winter season. 

Here is cool in the summer time so definitely check if out if you are staying in Qingdao. 

After the scenery, there are many local restaurants serving mountain delicacies. Highly recommend the mountain mushroom chicken soup, and mountain vegetables

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