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Iran is as safe as USA and Canada

The International SOS Institute measured the tourism hazards of countries around the world in year 4 in terms of four risk factors including "tourism security", "health of the destination for tourism", "road safety and tourist traffic" as well as "earthquake risk". . According to ISNA surveys, at the end of each year, the International SOS Institute publishes a Travel Risk Map to help organizations, investors and tourists better understand the dangers of the countries in which they operate and travel. The ranking shows each country's medical and health risks, travel security risk and an overview of the risks at the destination. The map has reported the trip to Iran as "low risk" and the security situation in Iran, such as the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Oman, the UAE, Uzbekistan, China, the United States and Canada. This situation is marked in yellow on the map. While the colors of neighboring countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia have been shown to be slightly darker than Iran, the security in these countries is "moderate". However, parts of Iran, especially in the western and eastern border areas, turn orange, indicating a "moderate" level of security risk in these areas. The Sistan and Baluchistan area is also red in this map. The chronology of this map describes the situation in Iran: low crime and violence, limited terrorist operations, and rare in some areas. Security and emergency services have also been effective and infrastructure is somewhat healthy. But the health risk of travel and road safety in Iran is not good. This map shows the health and medical risk status of "variable" travel, meaning that medical services are not equally accessible in all parts of Iran, and the health risks of traveling to parts of Iran, including "southeast" and southwestern Iran, have been reported. These areas are marked with hashtags and abbreviations indicating health hazards.

The situation in Iran, according to its ranking in the Travel Health Risk section, is as follows: "Providing medical services in major cities, including prescription drugs, quality medical services, emergency services and dental care." Usually available in these cities.Send feedbackHistorySavedCommunity