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tour guide in SRI LANKA the wonderful travel destination of the world.

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Year 1971 all naturalist of the world gather in Ramsa City of Iran and signed for an agreement to protect all wet lands for the future.these selected wet lands are called 'Ramsa wet lands'.

River Maadu also a Ramsa wet land full of natural resources.the river Madu has 50 islands.these islands and river banks are covered with mangroves.mangrove shades are breeding areas for shrimps.river Maadu is a paradise for prawns,shrimps,different varieties of fish,crocodiles,water monitors, and jelly fish.not only that often you can see king fishers and pelicans are waiting to catch a fish.

the tree bushes of islands is a home for monkeys,big squirrels,hawks,eagles and many some island people grow cinnamon,coconut and vegetables.

But to see all this wonderful nature you must make a boat trip in river Maadu.