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Ancestral Hall of Wang

Wang’s Ancestral Hall includes Xiaoyi Hall and Xiaoyi Memorial Arch, which was built for Wang Mengpeng. Xiaoyi Memerial Arch was built in the 51th year of Emperor Qianlong’s region (1786), following the imperial edict. Xiaoyi Temple was built in the first year of Emperor Jiaqing’s region (1796), which has two stories with the total area 428 square meters. There are ancestor worship hall and drama stage on upstairs; the models of Wang’s Ancestral Hall and graves, as well as a stereo statue which records the benefaction during Wang Mengpeng’s whole life are on display downstairs.

Wang’s Ancestral Hall is divided into two yards with complete functions and exquisite design. In the front of the hall, stands the elaborately caved Xiaoyi Memorial Arch. As the home where souls of Wang’s ancestor rest, the ancestralhall has attracted ten thousand of Wang’s overseas descendants to visit and worship their ancestors since 1998.  Gao’s Cliff Village, Red Door Village and Wang’s Ancestral Hall were all built during Emperor Yongzheng’ Region in Qing Dynasty. There are 123 courtyards, 1118 rooms and an area of 45000 square meters in Wang’s Ancestral Hall, which is the best preserved architecture quintessence in Wang’s Grand Courtyard. Although Wang’s great power can not coma back, the still existing Wang’s Grand Courtyard can be called a miracle in China. Just as what the world famous scholar, the professor Mr Wang Luxiang said after visiting:” Wang is a surname, surname is half a country; family is a courtyard, courtyard is half a city.”