Xi an Yongxing fang - Photos by Lily-xiao, Xian, Shaanxi Province, China

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Yongxing fang, in place for the tang dynasty wei zheng mansion site, is xi 'an in order to continue to improve the historical style of shun cheng lane, fully reveal the historical heritage of the ancient city, to expand the visibility and influence of xi 'an in 2007 on the original site, adding a "fang" style boutique project for the ancient city.Total project covers an area of 15 acres, 130 meters long, north and south 88 meters wide, according to the planning and design plans to build an antique buildings "fang" 's, boss, well arched, leisure in green square, street, house and archaize of building external wall decoration, etc., mainly in the guanzhong monuments and combined with traditional folk buildings, form guri workshop layout, showing the ancient chang 'an neighborhood ideology and historical life breath, as well as traditional folk living space.Relying on the profound historical culture of ancient city wall, in the inheritance history, reveal the humanities, in and out of order, strewn at random have send, content rich, do old as sweet, inside collect together, action style characteristic, such as separation, realize harmonious with the height of the ancient city wall historical landscape system, will not only in the culture of architecture as a key protection, more will cuisine of shaanxi intangible cultural heritage city humanistic spirit as the core of administration and protection.

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