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Qara kilisa or Black church It's the best maintained of all Iran's medieval churches.
It also known as Kalisa-ye Tadi (Church of St Thaddaeus) for St Thaddaeus (aka Tatavoos) who supposedly founded a church here in AD 43. Some say he came with apostle St Bartholomew, others that he was St Bartholomew. Whatever the case, Thaddaeus preaching proved a little too successful and the jealous Armenian king reacted by killing him and massacring his 3000 converts in AD 66. In a curious twist, Armenia later became the world's first Christian nation (AD 301). Thaddaeus memory was revived with a chapel built here at his supposed grave in AD 371. Mostly rebuilt after an earthquake, the smaller black-and-white-striped chapel section dates from 1319-29. The church was much restored and enlarged in 1810 when the main beige-white stone section was added. This is richly carved with saints, angels, kings and crosses, best observed from the chunky fortress-style walls that surround the church site.
The only Christian services are held during a brilliant thready summer pilgrimage; dates vary and are announced shortly beforehand through the Armenian Prelacy office.I can book this pilgrimage for you.