TSINGY DE BEMARAHA NATIONAL PARK - Photos by J Claude, Morondava, Madagascar

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Jean Claude has been a National tour guide in Madagascar since 1995

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Tsingy de bemaraha National Park attracts many hikers and trekkers. You need two days hiking and trekking through this amazing limestones forests. The hight of the limestones forest can reach 30 to 70m. In the Tsingy de bemaraha National park, you will walk over the suspension bridge and climb the metal ladders and you will not miss to see some animals such as the white lemur, the moongoose lemur and somes species of birds. 

The giant runing Malagasy coa is endemic in this dry area and you can see him very close up.

When trekking, you have to wear Hard shoes, sunglass, hats and  harness.

You must bring at least 4liters of bottled water per day while trekking