Lijiang ancient city Erhai lake - Photos by Lily-xiao, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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Erhai lake, the ancient name of kunming pool, erhe, leaves such as yu ze.Erhai lake is located in Dali city, Dali bai autonomous prefecture, yunnan province.In general, the lake covers an area of 246 square kilometers (yi yi 251 square kilometers), and holds about 2.95 billion cubic meters of water. It is a long and narrow lake, 40 kilometers long from the south of eryuan county in the north to the south of xiaguan in Dali city. It is the second largest lake in yunnan after dianchi lake, ranking 7th among the freshwater lakes in China.Erhai lake was formed at the end of the ice age and is mainly caused by subsidence and erosion

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