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Access way to this castle is a mountainous path. This castle is fort of Babak Khorram Deen, a historical commander of Iran who started his revolution from this fort in third Hijri century . However , it is probable that Babak castle was constructed at Sassanian dynasty era and then. After that some attachments were added to the primary construction . Babak Khorram Deen revolted against Abbasi Caliphs and this fort was his governorship base. This castle is located at a highland mountain at 2300 to 2700 above sea level and valleys with depth of 400 to 600 meter surround this fort. It is only possible to access the fort through a very difficult to pass pathway. At distance of 200 m to castle's rampart, there is a very narrow corridor only for one person to pass. Because of this, it was impossible to conquer fort and a few soldiers could defend this castle against a great host. The castle is built by deception sham whereas his 22 year resistance was collapsed this work is registered in Iran's National Monuments list. The passage way to access castle is now beside Babak hotel . There are two paths get to the castle , one is the jungle track which takes 2 hours mountain climbing and is suitable for the youth and mountain climbers . Another access path is using local station cars that is available in the parking lot of Babak hotel and take visitors to castle nearby through a dirt road a few kilometers length. Then after leaving car it takes about half to one hour (depending on walking speed) to get to the castle.

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