Hanoi Old Quarter - Photos by Up Travel Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Hanoi Old Quarter, displaying a seamless fusion of old, proudly kept culture and a constantly changing city, is today the oldest yet busiest commercial zone and tourist destination in Hanoi, at the heart of the capital city. The ancient quarter, located in the heart of Hanoi and centered on Hoan Kiem Lake, is a tourist hotspot for those interested in learning about Vietnam's rich cultural legacy. In the old districts, there are no high rises or expensive structures, and vendors may be found selling their wares while sitting on the side of the narrow streets. The old quarters, or a portion of it, are best visited by taking a leisurely walk from one street to the next, window shopping, or bargaining with vendors to purchase a memento. If walking becomes too tiresome, 'cyclos' are readily available in the streets of the ancient quarters. The historic area, which is utterly disconnected from Hanoi's modern life, is a faithful reflection of local life hundreds of years ago. After a long walk, you might wish to relax with a strong Vietnamese coffee in a roadside coffee shop and watch life go by through the streets of the old neighborhood. Walk back in time with them to feel the pulse of old Vietnam a hundred years ago.

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