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Guangzhou tower, also known as guangzhou tower, is located in no. 222 yuejiangxi road, haizhu district, guangzhou, China. The new central axis of the city and the pearl river landscape axis interchange, and haixinsha island and guangzhou central business district, pearl river new city across the river. Guangzhou tower body height 454 meters, antenna mast height 146 meters, the total height of 600 meters.

Guangzhou tower is the highest TV tower in China and the second highest in the world, only second to Tokyo sky tree TV tower. The tower is 168 meters to 334.4 meters with the "spider-man plank road", the world's highest and longest skywalk ladder. Tower 422.8 meters with rotating restaurant, is the world's highest rotating restaurant. The top of the tower is 450-454 meters with a ferris wheel, the world's highest ferris wheel. Antenna mast 455 meters ~485 meters are equipped with the "rapid skyfall" amusement project, is the world's highest vertical rapid fall amusement project, more than 300 meters high jumping machine in the Las Vegas amusement park. It is the highest outdoor viewing platform in the world, surpassing the 442m outdoor viewing platform of burj khalifa in dubai and the 4472m "sky cover" height of Canada's national television tower.

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