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Details of inspection


As the cabinet of this order cannot be assembled for inspection, and the goods are stacked together, so we can only conduct inspection from separate parts, including: hardware accessories, counter top, island, cabinet, door panel, sealing panel and back panel, and then check the packaging.






Unified, in addition to the color of skirting is a little cream (warm white).


Surface finishing

The surface of door panel is flat and without bending and crack. But around the edge of the plane there are small particles protruding, not smooth enough.


Hardware accessories

The quantity is complete, some parts quantity is more than the standard.

Blum hinges and damper as agreed.



The counter top is packed with plywood. This is very recognized, because it is the Australian market, you can avoid fumigation. The package of other cabinets is complete and safe. Only one set of cabinets is packaged in one box and the label is clear, which avoids the confusion of parts between different cabinets and facilitates the installation of customers.