Sideng Friday Market in Shaxi, Photos by Echo - Photos by Echo Hu, Dali, Yunnan Province, China

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Shaxi village is in Jianchuan country, Dali city, Yunnan province, China, it was an important trade station on the Tea and Horse Caravan Road. Over 1,000 years ago, this ancient trade route connected Tibet with Eastern China.

Exchanged  teas from Yunnan, Tibetans traded their famous horse to Song Dynasty officials in eastern China,Shaxi was the main trade station along this route.

The Friday Sideng Market is the only retained market on Tea and Horse Caravan Road.

Every Friday, mountain villagers come down from the hills with their horses to trade their goods.

Lots of things to see in Shaxi, something like hiking Shibaoshan Mountain, you can see the grottoes of Tang/Song dynasties in the top of the mountain.

No tourist if you go there in winter, so cool that you will remember here for a life long time.

My best experiences in Yunnan province so far:)