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Yongkang Road in Xuhui District of Shanghai (once the French Concession, the old road name used to be Routeremi, also known as Routeremi Road, used from 1884 to 1943) is only about 600 meters long, starting from the east of Jiashan Road (Kahn, Rue Gaston) and ending at the west of Taiyuan Road.

Yongkang Road Lane 175 residential area is connected with Taiyuan Road, named "Yongkang New Village". Announced by Shanghai Municipal People's Government in 1994, it is also an excellent historical building (Lane 109, Lane 175, Yongkang Road). Lane 109 was originally Remi Square with brick and wood structure and was completed in 1931. Lane 175 is a typical Spanish garden alley residence. The villas all have detached large gardens, adjoining monomers along the street with garages, and a variety of two-story houses with units. Said to be a two-story building, there are actually three floors, regardless of the unit along the street is from the front door or the back door into the building, have to go up the stairs into the two-story sitting room, the first floor is the garage and servant room; Relying on the unit building inside, it is to carry empty design because Shanghai weather is damp, go up a few steps to enter the sitting room inside the room directly. It is said that before liberation, they were all lived by foreigners working in Shanghai foreign firms and rich people with assets, so they are also known as "foreign lane"

In order to improve the living environment of the residents of Yongkang Road, Shanghai Xuhui District Government is actively promoting the renovation of Yongkang Li Project. The goal is to create an upscale leisure street with fashion, health and original brands here. It opened in the summer of 2009. There are more than 60 shops in the first phase. The business format is based on the theme of happy life, fashion and health, and brands from China and all over the world are introduced to settle in the store. At the same time, the second and third phases of "Yongkang Li" fashion block will be carried out immediately

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