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Luxun,a famous writers, thinkers, democratic fighters, important participants in the May 4th New Culture Movement.and founder of modern Chinese literature. 

Chinese modern great writer, thinker and revolutionary. Old name Zhou Shuren, character Henan talent, Zhejiang Shaoxing person. Was born in 1881. In 1902 went to Japan to study abroad, the original study medicine, latter was engaged in the literary and artistic work, attempted with by to change the national spirit. In May, 1918, first time used "Lu Xun" the pen name, published in the Chinese modern literature the first vernacular novel "Diary of a Madman", has established the new-vernacular literature movement cornerstone. Around 54 movements, participates in "New youth" the magazine edition work, becomes "54" the New Culture Movement great standard-bearer. In 1930, Lu Xun participated in the China free motion big union successively, progress organization and so on the League of Left-Wing Writers' and Chinese civil rights safeguard. After at the beginning of 1936 "the Leftist Association" dismissed, responded the party the summons, positively participated in the literary world and the cultural circle against Japan nationality united front. On October 19, 1936 died of illness in Shanghai. In 1956, the party and the people's government migrated and has reconstructed the Lu Xun grave in Shanghai. Mao Zedong personally for Lu Xun grave inscription.

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