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New bund article were five travel route, on your left is known as the "all nations building expo" grand buildings and spacious zhongshan road, your right hand side is the shimmering huangpu river and the beautiful pudong lujia ornament financial and trade zone, the eyes for novel and unique tourism recreational area. This complex, zhongshan road, sightseeing area, the huangpu river, as if the music lujiazui, Shanghai people are industrious staff like clusters of operators, is between the latest and most colorful movement, welcome to the guests.

1840 years after the first opium war, keep the doors were opened, the colonists shelling Shanghai also forced to bi commercial port. From then on, all kinds of western architecture with the colonists were "" subordinate to the stands, 30 s, from Shanghai has little beach towns have had become the far east. The largest cities.

With these eyes of European Renaissance period style of architecture, though not by the same design of the hands, is not built in a s, but their architectural style is so harmony, "tiancheng. From the east to the bund jinling BaiDuQiao only 1.5 kilometers long arc, on any account is strewn at random, rows 52 house stands in different style of architecture, a British, French, ancient Greek, etc. When many foreign Banks, always, consulate, etc, have gathered here from the Oriental "Wall Street", which is a form of old Shanghai semi-colonial and semi-feudal society of a miniature history.

You see, the new bund 2 # dongfeng hotel, in the past, it was very famous British always, it is a typical British greco-roman architecture. The high building have 6 layers (even in the basement), the roof at each end north and south have looked out on a pavilion, interior is gorgeous. One floor to bar was 110.7 feet of the east because it has the longest bar and a proud, ark of KFC fast-food restaurants in America today inside.

The bund of these buildings. Is China's labor people are industrious and the crystallization of wisdom. At the same time also reflect the western colonists on Shanghai's rob and aggression. Now in order to make people know about the history of these buildings. Each building door hang in both Chinese and English are against the nameplate.

The bund is the symbol of Shanghai. It is also the place of both Chinese and foreign visitors will come to. But in the past due to the narrow road. The traffic from the crowded. Serious impact on the overall image. In order to change the bund in the face of the beach. The Shanghai people's government to try to transform the bund as the key. Eyes of the road says all the way is to commemorate the zhongshan. China's democratic revolution pioneer of dr. Sun yat-sen named after the comprehensive reform. Also the bund. Which part of the length of 826 m. 45 meters wide. Set 6 to 10 lanes. That is a broad transit not limited to the bund area. It along with the reform and opening-up continues to expand. North up jiangwan wujiaochang. South is worth Nanpu Bridge. To the next century. This article 15 kilometers north and south corridor. Will become the symbol of the Shanghai tourism landscape.

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